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The goal is that Primadomus develops into a rescue and rehabilitation centre (similar to AAP Almere) and becomes the representative of AAP in Southwest Europe. For AAP Primadomus we are looking for an enthusiastic Manager to fill this post. After a period of intensive care, most animals find a new home with the help of AAP. As they will definitely make your CV impressive and also help you to be easily noticed by the top employers. The JResume tab will help you create a resume and more. In the future there will be place for many more animals. A further developed European strategy broadens the future function of Primadomus. Currently 18 primates, of which 9 chimpanzees live in AAP Primadomus. The animals that end up with AAP in Almere, the Netherlands, often come from illegal trade, circuses, animal laboratories or from private persons. Box 50313, 1305 AH Almere, The Netherlands, attn. For animals that cannot be placed elsewhere AAP has opened AAP Primadomus, a life time care centre in Spain. This centre opened in 2009 and is located in Villena on the Spanish east coast, near by Alicante. Maybe they just think they will make 160K out of law school.

This will have to happen to a great number of college graduates, including a great number of law school graduates. We are offering a challenging position with a great deal of responsibility in an open, international and professional organization in an environment where animals and humans come first. AECOM is seeking a Troop Medical Clinic Manager/Mentor for an anticipated position supporting a logistical effort in the country of Africa. The DTMC manager/mentor shall assist the managing, accounting, inventorying all equipment, supplies associated with the medical infrastructure. The TMC manager/mentor or DTMC manager/mentor will be on call after duty hours to assist with a medical emergency and/or an equipment/facility emergency. Candidate will also have at least one year of medical maintenance experience. A candidate with a minimum of one year of combat medical experience and combat medical training experience in civilian and/or military health programs. Provide assistance to the TMC manager/mentor in mentoring the senior Danab medical personnel.

The TMC Manager/Mentor will work closely with the program managers of all USG-funded military assistance programs to include DoD in Somalia, as well as international partners to coordinate efforts. Civilian and/or former military EMT and Combat Medical Training qualified. The DTMC manager/mentor shall mentor the selected Danab medical personnel to be capable of ordering and maintaining stocks of expendable medical equipment and facility spare parts in order to keep the 600-man camp TMC manager/mentor operational. The DTMC manager/mentor shall order and maintain stocks of expendable medical equipment and facility spare parts in order to keep the 600-man camp TMC operational. The DTMC manager/mentor shall develop all maintenance policies and procedures for all of the medical equipment and facilities in the 600-man camp. The DTMC manager/mentor shall mentor the selected Danab medical personnel in managing established medical equipment and facilities maintenance policies and procedures. DTMC manager/mentor shall hold a current medical training certificate.

The DTMC manager/mentor shall mentor selected Danab medical personnel, to build their competence to maintain all medical equipment and facilities in the 600-man camp. The DTMC manager/mentor shall assist the TMC manager/mentor with managing the day-to-day camp medical support. The TMC Manager/Mentor will manage the day-to-day camp medical support and will mentor the senior Danab medical personnel. The Contractor shall plan on Danab providing at least four senior medical personnel for mentoring by the TMC Manager/Mentor. The TMC Manager/Mentor will assist with coordination between Danab/SNA medical personnel and other U.S. The TMC Manager/Mentor shall ensure Danab medical representatives monitor the proper preparation and sustained temperature levels of food at the Danab camps. The TMC Manager/Mentor shall ensure the Danab medical personnel perform health & well-being coordination throughout the Danab camps of both personnel and facilities. The TMC Manager/Mentor will order, maintain and manage all medical supplies to support daily operations of the 600-man camp, as well as provide medical supplies to Danab medics. The TMC Manager/Mentor shall provide management, assistance and mentorship to support the development of Danab medical personnel. This number may grow, depending on the further development of the size and range of activities in the future. For this job we are looking for a pioneer who wants to take the responsibility to build the future of AAP Primadomus.

Together with your small but closely involved team of paid workers and volunteers you will operate and further develop AAP Primadomus. Please keep in mind that the first and second round interviews will take place at AAP Primadomus (Villena, Spain) on respectively the 8th an 9th of March and the 18th of March. You draw up year plans for Primadomus within the guidelines of the long term plans. In this challenging and independent job you will be responsible for managing AAP Primadomus. AAP Sanctuary for Exotic Animals, is a European shelter for primates and other non-indigenous mammals. You will be responsible for all activities as care giving to the animals, communication / Public Relations, influencing policymakers and all general management matters as Finance, Human Resources and Facility Management. Experience in general management (a.o. Ideal candidate will have a minimum of one to two years’ experience living and working in developing countries. They have the passion and drive, plus the knowledge and experience necessary to get you a win or a big settlement offer.